Your Token of Appreciation

1 hr - $500

1.5 hr - $650

2 hr - $800

3 hr - $1100

4 hr  - $1300

6 hr - $1600

Overnight (14 - 16 hrs) - $2200

A Full Day ( ~ 24 hrs) - $3200

Extended Dates and/or Fly Me to You - Inquire

Any solo engagements for 3hrs or above require a non-refundable 25% deposit.

Couples - please include 25% to the date you're looking to book. A minimum of 1.5hr booking and a 30% non-refundable deposit is mandatory.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made within 48hrs require a 50% deposit of the date you booked. Cancellations made within 24 hrs require a 100% deposit of the date you booked. Payments must be made within 48 hrs of of the cancelled booking.

Costumes: Curious to see me in person wearing a Sari? I'm able to accommodate a Sari request for both incall and outcall appointments with plenty of notice for an additional $50. 

Looking to Up the Ante? Check out my Bosom Buddies and invite them over for a romp!

Curious about my style? Continue reading . . .

 North Indian full-figured kinky GFE escort, dominatrix, and mistress Jasmine Praveena

There are three tenets I live by: Laughter and joy, focused discipline, a zest for exploration. 


It is these three tenets that have brought me to erotic companionship. Over the years, I have found that my spiritual and erotic explorations have always gone hand in hand. One enriches the other, and considering my background and experiences, I find it to be the most natural duo imaginable. 

I study bodies, and psychology. What is the trigger that releases your endorphins and gives you release? Where are you most vulnerable and how can that become your stronghold? What anchors you? What do you fear?

 Phone Domination North Indian Kinky Girlfriend, Prostate Expert, and Sensual Escort Jasmine Praveena
 Domination with North Indian Kinky Girlfriend, Prostate Expert, and Sensual Escort Jasmine Praveena
 Sensual GFE and Domination North Indian Kinky Girlfriend, Prostate Expert, and Sensual Escort Jasmine Praveena

You've been curious about kink. Itching to explore your submissive side.

But Where to begin?

In addition to (or exclusive of) the traditional Girlfriend Experience, following are some fetishes I offer:

Phone Sex/Domination: You're cautious. What if we meet up and the fetish you requested really is not your cup of tea? Perhaps you're just into mind games. Or maybe you need your itch satisfied before you see me next. Book an appointment or just keep up with my Niteflirt here

Roleplay: Are you a student to a sexy professor? Boss to a mischievous secretary? Let's play out the sexy script your mind has been brewing. I'll provide the edits. 

Foot/Body Worship: From sexy heels to all the aromas and tastes a body can offer, you want it all. 

Sensual BDSM: You want to feel adored, but you want to let go of control. Consists of any variation of: tickle torture, sensory deprivation (blindfolds, earplugs etc)  and temperature play. Temperature play includes hot wax play and ice play

Impact Play - BDSM "as seen on TV". Includes any variation of caning, whipping, and over the knee spanking.

Pain play - Pain releases endorphin which is a chemical in our body that acts pretty much like morphine. Who wouldn't want to get high off of it? Usually consists of any combination of impact play, nipple torture, pinching, biting, and tickle play.

Edging, orgasm control, ruined orgasms, & chastity: Abstinence, but sexy. Let's put on a timer and see how long you can hold it off. I never play fair. Extended chastity is available after we've met at least twice or have extended virtual sessions. 

Pegging/Strap-on play: Let's find your G-spot. Easier than looking for Waldo, trust me. 

Cross-dressing: I offer this as a journey of validating your inner beauty and artistically expressing it on your physical self. I do not offer this as an aggressive exercise in humiliation but rather, as an exercise of erotic discovery coupled with different BDSM play as listed above as negotiated. Currently offered only on multi-hour dates with plenty of advance notice.

Couples (a 2 hr minimum rendezvous)You want to incorporate BDSM into your life but you don't know how. Maybe you have both discovered that you have submissive tendencies and want to surrender together. Or perhaps all you're looking for is a spicy threesome. With me, it will always be fun and games. 

Golden Shower (+$150): Sweet nectar. Scent marking. Need I say more?

Red Wings &/OR Ruby Showers (+$150): In the cycle of life, menstrual blood has always held a central place. It has its own properties, it's own sweetness, and in my world, an aura of sacredness. Plus, it is a hell of a thing to boast about. Please keep in mind that catching me during shark week requires a lot of advanced planning.

Toilet Training (+$500): Some acts are so private encroaching them holds a taboo thrill. Let's take you on a ride! Deposit required.

Electroplay: Coming soon

My Hard Limits: No needle play. No underage roleplay. No degrading racist fetishes.

Want a permanent keepsake? Hedonist's Heaven is out of commission until further notice. Sign up for the newsletter and keep an eye out!

Looking for something not listed here? Though I prefer submissives looking to pop their BDSM cherries, I am also experienced with those looking to get their balls busted. Send me a quick email on and just ask about a fetish you have in mind.

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