It all started when…

I met Lena Duvall on a cold crisp evening in New York City, in the beginning of 2018. The city may not be known for igniting romance but it would seem that Cupid was poised. Though we had been corresponding on social media for a while, I was not prepared for her charming demeanor, her sultry smile, and her electrifying eyes and how they blew me away. The rest, as it is said, is history. . .

D/s (Domme/submissive) relationships are unique in that they force participants to examine their own psyches and desires deeper than typical relationships demand. A D/s dynamic is uniquely intimate and an intense journey. We decided that we would open it up to have participants join us at our discretion.

We often tour together, so find us in your city or fly us to you. As always, screening is requisite.

Your Benefaction:

2 hrs: $1500

3 hrs: $2000

4 hrs: $2300

Extended Time: Inquire within!

We hope to meet you soon and share the magic we create together. Come join us!


The wonderful thing about being an erotic companion and sex worker is of course, all the other wonderful people! My friends are as charming, sensual, and often as kinky as I am. So go visit them when you're in their neck of the woods. Or invite us together for a shindig. The possibilities are endless!