Returns and Updates

I just spent more than a month abroad. Slightly longer then I was planning to, but it was glorious spending everyday in shalwars and saris and not worrying about pants. I read too much, wrote nothing (not 100% true), and took no lovers. I rested. I spent time in villages and on mountains and I talked with folks about their lives and experiences. I melted in the sun and chafed against it with the locals. I admired their artisan crafts.

I ate endless jalebis and biryanis. I politely declined chai (oh mere bhai, it was hot!) and drank too much sugar cane juice.

Once in a while I logged on to my online accounts and read things written by fellow sex workers in the US. I reflected on class, gender, and censorship. I dreamed of future endeavors and discarded most of them immediately. I came across critiques of how Amazon and Patreon (and PayPal and WePay) undermine and rob sex workers and I decided that I would not use them for any project as far as I could. Here is the blogpost if you're interested in reading it. 

In the meantime, I'm working on taking calls on NiteFlirt and seeing folks privately. Send me money so I can do some fun summer shoots.  Those are always fun. In the meantime, stay tuned for whatever comes next!