Armour: External or Internal?


I have neglected this blog for a while.  My sincerest apologies. A few civvie opportunities have managed to distract me very successfully . . . But! That is not to say that I wasn't playing. A close friend of mine recently surprised me with a nail armor set for a single hand and I had been dying to try them out on a lucky date . . .

. . . Needless to say not only was the play aesthetically pleasing, it also gave me some new erotic tingles to add to my personal repository. There were a lot of moans, groans, and begging. It was all delicious.

When we were done, he commented that he had experienced vampire gloves but not quite what I had brought. I told him about the new trend of armor jewelry, that this was  my first experience too and I was quite enjoying it. Overt accessories, and covert play things . . .

My date commented that he liked the word play of armor and of accessory. He works in a fast paced and high-stress work environment and has to wear his stoic masculinity as armor. "But with you," he continued, "I can take it off. Like an accessory. You help me relax into myself, my true inner self and remind me that I am . . .human. Not just a . . ." He paused for a second, searching for the rights words, " a. . . a skilled, useful, competent . . .machine. A robot!"

I smiled in gentle understanding. Afterall, this world asks so much of us as adults. In a capitalistic world, we are bombarded with images of leisure but attaining it is a rat race. It takes a toll.

I am happy that I am able to provide a gateway to a luxury that is rarely delivered: a journey to your true inner erotic self. And lest you think so, this is not simply about sex. It is about a dance, an adventure, honest communications, and deep vulnerability. And in the end, the satisfaction of discovering something truly precious and rare.

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