Flu Season

I had such noble aspirations to keep this blog updated once a month. Preferably on the first. But alas, I can't fight against Mother Nature herself. So despite all my kitchen magic and my herbs, I came down with flu related infections one after the other (the nurse at my PCP cheerfully kept saying, "well, at least it is not the flu". Trust me, I was not impressed). So I've had to cancel trips and kinky adventures to stay home. I was quite inconsolable, really.

It turns out that I still very much enjoy sex while sick. Scientifically, orgasms are good for immune system so I hit up some lovers and asked them to bake me chocolate chip muffins and warm me up with a more . . . personalized touch while the goodies took their final form in my kitchen. You didn't think I would actually sacrifice pleasure for a few sniffles, did you? 

But that is all over now! I am gaining my strength back and my sexy and wanderlust spirit is restless. Some news on duos and upcoming trips!

The multi-orgasmic squirter, Clever Clover, is coming into Philly and I am offering limited duos with her on February 28. That evening, I am flying out to Chicago and I am eating cherries and ladoos with the darling Josie Qu for March 1 & 2. How could you not joins us?

Later on in the month, the babe Lena Duvall is visiting Philly from March 21 - 23. Though I will not be able to join her in her bedroom adventures this time, I absolutely recommend you do. 

As for myself. this is my March itinerary: 

  • Chicago: March 1 & 2 
  • Secaucus, NJ: March 5
  • Stamford, CT: March 13
  • New Haven, CT: March 23
  • Long Island, NY: March 29
  • Edison, NJ: April 5

See you soon sexy!

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