They say that when you lose one of your senses, your other senses are heightened. But your craving is beyond that. Before I touch you, handcuff you, blindfold you, before I really do anything, it is My smell that intoxicates.When you enter My presence, you know this instinctively: My aroma is both balm and heaven, viagra and repose . . .

I have underestimated My own beauty My whole life. In all the different corners of the globe I have been in, men tripped over themselves to get My attention. It is a bemusing, if not a bit boring, sort of experience. My curves. My body hair. My existence. Men are awed. Men are titillated. Men are interested.

You can call Me narcissistic if you want, but it is not narcissism if it is true.

I have always been aware of My beauty but as I said, I have underestimated it. When I first entered the adult industry, I did the whole “fitting in” thing because of the circumstances I found Myself in. The first in I committed was taking a razor to myself. And though it was a small act in the grand scheme of things, It sapped Me, My aura, My strength.

And then one day I woke up exhausted, but more than that, supremely annoyed. And that day, I threw away my razors. Just like that, I decided, enough was enough. I had never centered My life around men anyway, so why start now?

In 1998, Dr. Martha McKlintock discovered that women living together had synchronized menstrual cycles because of the chemical messages released in their sweat. In so many words, pheromones. Pheromones connected women together. And then science consequently discovered: pheromones can effect changes in mood, heart rate, breathing, body temperature. Yes, in homo sapiens.

Pheromones. The messenger. The communicator. There is so more to the study of scent but let’s stay on topic: pheromones as viagra

And then there are the accompanying adornments. Body hair to signal maturity. Sexual maturity. And why not, too. The more the body hair, the more easily the pheromones carry in the air.

The stronger the scent, he easier the call to Her mate.  

And though this has never been about cis-sexual, heterosexual men (because Goddess knows there is so much more to lust and play than just cis-het men and their appetites), they come. In droves.

They come to see and they come to touch, many almost reverently. The pet the hair like it is the softest fur (because it is), they kiss reverently, and lick delicately, and breath in deeply before burying in for a taste. And those that I deny for however long I please, they beg oh, so, prettily.

They ask for souvenirs. To worship at their alters.

When they leave My presence, I almost feel sorry for them. Almost. How many books are written about the psychology of men, on seducing them, on keeping them around? A million or more? Whatever the answer is, it is funny because the truth is really simple, isn’t it: Seduction, as coded by DNA. is in the aroma. Nothing more, nothing less.

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